"Whether I'm helping a student improve their reading, writing, or math skills, or helping them improve their functional, social, or emotional skills, I truly enjoy seeing their progress.  I believe in helping parents understand the importance of early intervention, at the same time understanding that it is never too late to teach a new skill." 

Iris Guzman, M. Ed. - Owner & Founder

After spending more than 15 years as a dedicated and passionate special education teacher, owner Iris Guzman left the public school classroom and started Inclusive Educational Services as a way to directly help special needs children and their families on a deeper level. Iris has helped transform the lives of hundreds of children and their families through her innovative programs and a sincere devotion to their success.  

Advanced, Innovative Techniques

As a special needs teacher, mom of an Autistic daughter, and special needs advocate, Iris stays current on the most advanced, innovative curriculums used at the preschool and elementary levels in top school districts. Iris understands the challenges facing today's special needs families and has dedicated her life to this field.


One of her strengths is helping students with early intervention techniques to get each child started on the road to a bright, happy future. 

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A Mother's Inspiration  

In 1996, Iris's daughter Noriann was diagnosed with Autism while in Katy ISD which began their journey into the special needs world.

Wanting the best possible life for her daughter, Iris became a special needs teacher and advocate, helping her daughter and countless other children in the classroom.


Today, Noriann is a happy, healthy 25 year old woman, and a graduate of Houston Community College's V.A.S.T. Program.



At your initial consultation, we listen to you and learn about your child’s specific needs. Then we recommend a customized plan to help your child succeed! 

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